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WGIC @ Bangalore

We're delighted to welcome you to the Silicon City of India, Bengaluru, for World Green Infrastructure Congress 2018. Come, visit the City of Gardens and Lakes, and explore the vibrant cosmopolis!

Things to do in Bengaluru


Home to many lakes, gardens, boulevards, and a National Park, Bengaluru is a city that is resplendent with natural beauty. Explore the city, and experience the picturesque beauty of Bengaluru.


A city built by the local Kannada population, British military, and a whole myriad of people from all over the country, the culture of Bengaluru is colourful, to say the least! Get a glimpse of the eclectic cultural delights in one of India’s oldest Cosmopolis.


A city of IT, Music, and over ten million people, Bengaluru is a place to find interesting people from all across the country, and the world. Make your stay worthwhile, by getting a chance to meet, and exchange, with some of the most globalised populace in the count


Myriad of cultures, and people, bring along with them, a myriad of cuisines. Bengaluru is a place, where you can get your hands on any culinary delights, from local cuisines, to other cuisines of the country, to many gastronomic options from across the globe!

Entertainment & Nightlife

Bengaluru proudly boasts itself as the city rich with roasteries, breweries, pubs, clubs, bars, and cafes spread all over! Take a day out, and revel in some light-hearted merriment, Bengaluru style!

Visa Guidelines

Visitors and Attendees of WGIC 2018 can explore various Visa options. A brief overview of the same has been provided for your clarification, and ease of visa application. Kindly go through the information, and also get in touch, in case you have further queries regarding Visa guidelines.

Our support team would be happy to clarify any doubts you have, and/or redirect you to relevant authorities or websites, for processing Visa formalities.

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