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The event fee applies per person and includes:

  • Participation in the series of talks, depending on the booking, for one or both days
  • The participant documents
  • Visiting the specialist exhibition, and hospitality during the breaks.
It does not include congress dinners, excursions on the 3rd day, overnight accommodation, arrival and departure, and all associated costs.

Registration as a “member” is only possible for members of the associations shown and for representatives of cities and municipalities.

Indian Green Infrastructure Network e.V. IGIN World Green Infrastructure Network e.V. WGIN

False reports will result in subsequent billing of the participation fee and a processing fee of 30.00 dollars.

The registration fee for students requires a certificate of enrollment by university/school and have to be valid at the time of registration (e.g., student ID).

Students must upload their student ID or another suitable form of evidence while registering .

Without a valid certification/proof participation may only be granted once the regular (Non-member) registration fee has been paid.

Booking a sponsor package includes the services described in the information about sponsor packages.

Registrations resp. bookings by sponsors are made via the organiser:

IDE Consulting Services Pvt Ltd
#23, "Hari Prem Building", 1st Floor, Off CMH Road,
Indiranagar, Bengaluru, India
Tel: (+91) 80-49396926

Participation in the poster exhibition includes the services described in the information about the poster exhibition.

Registrations resp. bookings by participants in the poster exhibition are made via the organiser:

IDE Consulting Services Pvt Ltd
#23, "Hari Prem Building", 1st Floor, Off CMH Road,
Indiranagar, Bengaluru, India
Tel: (+91) 80-49396926

You can pay the fees for your participation directly online* during your registration by credit card (VISA, MasterCard or Maestro Card) A payment on account is also possible. All payments must be made in USD.

In the case of payments on invoice, please ensure that you cover any fees incurred. For this reason, we recommend that participants outside India to pay by credit card, as two sets of bank fees can be incurred for bank transfers; first in the country of origin and then in the receiving country.

Payment methods at a glance:

Credit card* (Maestro Card ,MasterCard, VISA)
on invoice and via bank transfer to:
IDE Consulting Services Pvt Ltd
IFSC: UTIB0000227
Purpose: Invoice resp. name of participant

Please note the term of payment for your invoice (usually 14 days), which is stated on your invoice. In the event of a repeated payment reminder, you will be charged reminder fees amounting to 24% interest (annual) on Registration Fee.

All fees are to be paid before the start of the event. Bank fees for chargebacks are borne by the participant.

* For all payments we charge a GST of 18% of total costs, invoiced with confirmation of the booking that is to be paid for, and shown in your booking confirmation.

Following successful registration, you automatically receive a booking confirmation by e-mail with your invoice attached in PDF format. The booking confirmation does not entitle you to participate in the congress. Entitlement to participate is granted once the corresponding invoice sum has been credited to the congress account.

You receive your documents at the congress counter at the venue upon presentation of the booking confirmation. If your payment should only occur shortly before the start of the event, we kindly ask that you present a printout of your booking confirmation and evidence of payment from your bank.

Separate confirmations are issued by the organiser for sponsors and participants in the poster exhibition.

If you should wish to cancel your participation, please inform our organiser office in writing:

IDE Consulting Services Pvt Ltd
#23, "Hari Prem Building", 1st Floor, Off CMH Road,
Indiranagar, Bengaluru, India
Tel: (+91) 80-49396926

In the event of cancellations up to and including 30.03.2018, the full amount of your participation fee, minus a processing fee amounting to 30.00 USD, is returned to you. In the event of a cancellation after this date up to and including 30.04.2018, a cancellation fee amounting to 50% of the booked services will be charged or deducted from the refund sum.
We ask for your understanding that, in the event of cancellations that reach us after 30.04.2018, no refund is given for the participation fees and any further services that have already been booked or these remain due for payment.
The date of receipt of the written cancellation at the congress office is decisive.

All bookings are binding. Amendments and cancellations must be made in writing. Verbal agreements are not binding in so far as they have not been confirmed in writing by IDE Consulting Services.
Substitute participants are only accepted for a processing fee of USD 15.00 and before cancellation of the booking. Bank fees for chargebacks are borne by the participant.

Deviating conditions apply for sponsors and participants in the poster exhibition.

Information about the participant list By participating in the event, you declare your consent that we can publish your data (first name/surname, company/city/organisation, city, country) in a participant list – including on the Internet.

If you do not consent to this, you can object to the publication of your data in writing at the organiser office at Bengaluru.

All other data collected as part of registration is exclusively used to hold the event for which you have registered, possibly also involving external service providers.

We indicate that photos, film recordings and/or audio recordings may be taken as part of the event. These recordings are associated with the visual depiction of people present, whereby the selection of people is random. The images are shown on the Internet (e.g. on the organiser’s website or the congress website), in printed media and on social media channels. By entering the event venue, the persons present consent to free publication in the aforementioned manner without this requiring the affected persons to be notified explicitly. If, on an individual basis, the affected persons do not consent to publication concerning their person, we ask that the responsible photographer or camera operator be notified directly.
If the affected person should not consent to an existing, specific publication of a photographic depiction of their person, we ask for immediate notification to our organiser office at Bengaluru by e-mail, telephone or by post with the precise description of the image under discussion. In this case, the image will be removed within a suitable period and no longer published.

The organiser prohibits any film or audio recordings on the part of participants (e.g. via mobile telephone), as these unauthorised recordings represent copyright infringements of the speakers.

If the conference cannot be held or cannot be held in the offered and booked form for reasons that are not attributable to the organiser or the performing agency (e.g. natural disaster, strike or force majeure), there is neither a claim to a refund of the (proportionate) participation fees nor to compensation for other damages or financial losses.

We indicate that the organiser is only liable for claims for physical injury due to intent or negligence and for material damage due to intent or gross negligence of the organiser. No further claims can be made. The organiser is not liable for the loss or theft of any items and motor vehicles brought to the event, except in the event of intent or grossly negligent causation.

No guarantee is made for programme changes and timing alterations for events. The organiser reserves the right to reschedule or relocate events or parts thereof (seminars etc.). This also includes the cancellation of individual items in the programme. This does not give participants the right to withdraw. No compensation claims may be made for this. The organiser commits to notify all those affected of any changes as soon as he becomes aware of them.

The organiser is also not liable for the attendance of announced speakers. In the event of cancellation, the participant does not have the right to compensation claims of any kind. The organiser will endeavour to resolve the situation with a suitable replacement. The current status of the speakers can be seen published online up to one week before the start of the event. Online amendments after this are no longer possible for technical reasons.

What’s more, there is no right to compensation for defective, missing or incomplete publications in printed materials or on the congress website.