In all seriousness, just why is WGIC 2018 so important? | WGIC Bangalore 2018

In all seriousness, just why is WGIC 2018 so important?

This post is not for professionals, or students, or academics. This post is to communicate a larger significance of WGIC 2018, with each and every one of us, who is passionate about taking care of our planet, and is committed to integrating sustainable practices in their lives. If you want to understand what WGIC 2018 really talks about, then read on!

There are a few events which can be immensely inspirational, and educative! World Green Infrastructure Congress, we believe, falls under the same category. The 11th edition of the annual, and the biggest Academic Conference on Green Infrastructure is all set to happen from 4th – 6th June 2018, here in Bengaluru, at The Lalit Ashok Hotel.

The World Green Infrastructure Congress is a multi-day event which is conceptualized to address Urban Infrastructural developments, with environmental considerations taken into purview. Some of the topics we would be touching upon include the greening of buildings (greening of roofs, façades and indoor areas), with the associated accompanying topics (e. g. urban climate, rainwater management, sustainability).



With a vision towards the future of Urban Settlements across the globe, WGIC 2018 will be venturing in depth to analyse and discuss topics, ideas, and technologies which are central to Environmental Sustainability of rapidly growing Urban human inhabitation. This is one platform to keep an eye out for, if you are from any of the fields like Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Green Infrastructure, Sustainable Environmental Conservation, and Urban Infrastructure.

There are many reasons why attending this Congress is probably one of the best investments you could make of your time, and money

We say this because, WGIC 2018 is:

1) The Future!

Ever thought of cities as possible ecosystems for flora and fauna to flourish? That is exactly the agenda behind this 3 Day Congress, and on a larger scale, of WGIN. When it comes to the cities, our first instinct and information is based on Conservation of existing nature, and minimizing the toll that is exacted on the environment by the sprawling human populace that gathers within an urban setting. But imagine a Urban setting who not only mitigates its Carbon footprint, but also uses latest in technological trends to create an environment that promotes further, flora and fauna in coexistence with human activity?

©Jacob Devaney,


Revolutionary, right?

That is where Green Infrastructure becomes a truly futuristic concept. An idea that could shape the urban landscape of the future!

2) Not just about awareness, but result driven

Unlike most Academic Conferences, which are theoretical gatherings, WGIC stands apart by being not just about creating awareness, and enabling peer interactions, but also making concerted discussions which almost always have had a track record of manifesting as Projects, Policy adaptations, and conceivable results! Being a part of WGIC definitely means being a part of an engine that is action oriented!

Here is a list of all the Objectives that WGIC aims to achieve.



Green Infrastructure is good for cities, and for businesses. Read more…

A Conference that matters…

And finally, there is another reason why WGIC 2018 is a significant Conference – it matters! With over 50% of the human population across the globe now living in the cities, rampant urbanization straining the environment, global warming and industrial activities having a serious impact on our nature, now more than ever, we need to reinvent our Urban Societies. Green Infrastructure is one of the most powerful tools conceived to this end, and it promises to build better, more environmentally sensitive urban settlements, and thus, make WGIC a significant gathering of people, who are working towards a Green tomorrow.


Cities of the future! ©Green Roofs Australasia

Attendance to WGIC 2018 wouldn’t be anything short of being able to catch a small glimpse into what future could look like, for Cities across the globe.

The time and location of this year’s WGIC also happens to be of significance, but more on that in our next blog post!

Even though this comes from us, we have got to say, you wouldn’t want to miss this Congress! WGIC 2018 is right around the corner. So, in case you do believe that you would want to witness firsthand, the discussions, lectures, and exhibitions about the future of Green Infrastructure and Urban Settlements, then you must absolutely get your tickets now!

See you there!