Green Wall | WGIC Bangalore 2018

Green Wall


A Green Wall is a structure that is either incorporated inside a building or is free-standing, covered in vegetation. VGM Green Walls is comprised of vertical green modules assembled from high strength lightweight structural panels incorporating interlocking snap-on clips. The front panel has a unique grid to facilitate planting of up to sixteen plants per module.

VGM Green Wall modules contain a geotextile liner into which is placed a suitable planting mix. The modules are preplanted in a nursery environment to allow proper establishment to occur before installation on site. VGM modules are either mechanically fastened on walls using steel bolts or inserted into free standing steel support racking structures.


Benefits of a Green Wall:

Environmental benefits

- Improved Heat Insulation
- Reduced energy cost
- Reduced carbon emissions
- Reduced Sound Transmission
- Enhanced Air Quality
- Reduced Airborne Pollutants
- Reduced Stormwater Run-Off

Economic benefits
- Reduces building cooling load
- Reduces mean radiant temperature of rooms by about 10° C with 74% reduction in energy consumption (Wong, et al., 2009)
- Protects building facade
- Improves acoustic insulation
- Acoustic insertion loss provided by vertical greenery system can reach up to 9.9 dB (Wong, et al., 2009)

Property Benefits

- Added Site Value

Social Benefits

- Schools and universities with green walls offer educational benefits
- Healthier lifestyles and recreation
- Improved health