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World Green Infrastructure Congress 2018 Committee is committed to advancement in ideas, concepts, and innovations in sustainable infrastructure solutions. We believe the real progress is achievable when ideas and inputs come from all across the platform – speakers to organizers, to even the attendees. With this in mind, we would like to invite you to participate in our various submissions programs, and contribute to the cause of Green Living, and Sustainable Urban Infrastructure.

The Organizing Committee of World Green Infrastructure Congress 2018 invites academics, architects, students, and other interested attendees to participate and contribute to the Congress! Submissions of various types shall be reviewed and showcased within the Congress venue, and individuals also can get an opportunity to discuss their work at the Congress. Read further, to know more…

Have you done significant work in the field of Green Infrastructure, Sustainable Urban planning, and affiliated fields of research and study? Then, submit your work with WGIC 2018. An international committee will review the submitted applications and will give feedback. If you are selected as a speaker or if the committee gives you a recommendation, you could exhibit your work at the Congress.

Please note that the organizers will not be able to cover travel and accommodation expenses for the entrants.

You can contribute the World Green Infrastructure Congress with a chargeable paper and present your topic on a paper. Where applicable after successful verification an abstract of the paper can be published in the conference transcript. Please also take note of our "Information and conditions about the paper submission".

Please use the online submission form on provided for this purpose, in this page.

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