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World Green
Congress 2018

The biggest Green Infrastructure Network, WGIN, bring to you the most important Green Infrastructure event of the year, World Green Infrastructure Congress, 2018.

The World Green Infrastructure Congress is a multi-day event which is conceptualized to address Urban Infrastructural developments, with environmental considerations taken into purview. Some of the topics we would be touching upon include the greening of buildings (greening of roofs, façades and indoor areas), with the associated accompanying topics (e. g. urban climate, rainwater management, sustainability).

At the end of the congress, the participants could also participate in excursions to special target zones of Bengaluru. Organised by World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN), in association with Indian Green Infrastructure Network (IGIN), this 2018 edition is all set to take place in the city of ‘Garden City’ fame, Bengaluru.

Named after the World Green Infrastructure Network, which has been organizing the event since 2007 annually in a different member country, WGIC is an authoritative event on the subject, with significant promise of delivery on the subject.

WGIC 2018 attendees stand to benefit from

Meeting more than 50 exhibitors at the accompanying exhibition

Knowledge transfer of greening of buildings (greening of roofs, façades and indoor areas)

Demonstration of best practice examples

Transfer of knowledge by internationally renowned industry experts in parallel series of lectures and discussion rounds.

Networking opportunities with market leaders, industry experts, and peers! Meeting point of the industry's whos' who. Opportunity to directly target and interact with fellow disciplinary stakeholders and decision makers

Interdisciplinary exchange of experience between city representatives, architects, city planners, urban water developers, industrial and property representatives, manufacturers, processors, researchers, associations, politicians and other interested parties


World Green Infrastructure Network

World Green Infrastructure Network was established as the first International Green Building Technology Organization. Encouraged enthusiastically by various national green roof organizations, over a few years of deliberations, WGIN was formally formed in Minneapolis. WGIN believes cooperative effort is needed to work for a better, greener and more sustainable world. Germany's Manfred Köhler is the Chairperson, and North America's Steven Peck accepted responsibility for ongoing formal activities to move the organization forward.

With clear direction and intent, WGIN is set out to achieve the following objectives:

- To be a globally-important motivator of the use of green infrastructure in cities.

- To expand opportunities for member organizations to learn about green roof infrastructure science, technology, practice, economics and environmental and social benefits.

- To promote education in green infrastructure benefits particularly at university levels and trade school levels, to provide skills for the green roof industry that can be expectedvto develop more widely.

- To promote green infrastructure research and extension in soundly-based green infrastructure development.

- To provide sound networking and conference study opportunities for member organizations.

- To publicize the global environmental and cost-saving advantages of green infrastructure, especially those related to reducing climate change problems.

Indian Green Infrastructure Network

Indian Green Infrastructure Network (IGIN) is an NGO set up to create and develop World-Class Green Sustainable cities in India. IGIN is a membership driven NGO set up to develop and carry out nation-wide environmental education programmes and activities. We believe India is a country whose people are its greatest resource. To implement our ground breaking ideas, we need the help of the interested and qualified public. Here in India we have the resources for every possible idea. Now along with IGIN, we have the knowledge and experts too. It is time we harnessed our strengths.

IGIN is associated with World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN), which is the association of National Green Building Organisations.

IDE-Global - Ideas. Designed. Executed.

As the Conference Organising Partners, IDE-Global, enables and powers the Conference Execution, in Bengaluru. An organization committed to engineer meaningful and innovative professional environments tailored to different verticals that stimulate and inspire new opportunistic collaborations, IDE-Global, prizes itself in its capability in bringing people, and ideas together, and transform professional landscape by enabling meaningful collaborations and associations.