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The Biggest Green
Conference of 2018

World Green Infrastructure Network, and Indian Green Infrastructure Network present to you World Green Infrastructure Congress, 2018. The largest conference on rethinking sustainable urban ecosystems, and green infrastructure technologies, for the cities of the future.

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vertical building garden design

Are you an Architect, a Builder, an Academic, a Urban Planner, an Environmentalist, or are you just a concerned individual who is passionate about a smart and sustainable future for our Mother Earth and Human Civilization?

WGIC 2018 endeavours to empower every attendee with the latest technologies, developments and offer plausible solutions for important environmental issues. To know more about the Conference, and the minds behind it,


  • 03 Days
  • 50 Speakers
  • 10 Talks
  • 02 All Day


Three day World Green Infrastructure Congress 2018, where the brightest minds in Green Infrastructural Research and Application discuss the evolving trends and practices in Green Building Technologies, and Urban Planning. Participate and gain access to a line-up of leading expert panelists, speakers, trainings sessions, interactive workshops, strategic networking sessions and world-class excursions to some of the Bengaluru's best green projects.

04th June 2018
  • Sustainable Buildings: Greening Cities
  • Policies, Funding/ Incentives for Green Build around the world
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design
  • Biodiversity & Parks
  • Sustainable Architecture-Best Practices
  • Green Infrastructure: Innovations and Research
  • Gala Cocktail Dinner
05th June 2018
  • Green Roofs & Walls
  • Sustainable Architecture - Best Practices
  • Rain Water Harvesting - Advanced Watershed Irrigation
  • Urban Agriculture - Best Practices
  • Future Green Cities
  • Green Infrastructure: Innovation and Research
  • Rain Water Harvesting-Advanced Watershed Irrigation
  • Urban Agriculture - Best Practices
  • Green Infrastructure Honorarium
  • Gala Cocktail Dinner
06th June 2018
Technical Excursions

07:00 AM

Team leaves Lalit Ashok

Locations Covered

Brigade Metropolis

Total Environment

13:30 PM-14:30 PM


Locations Covered


Cubbon Park

Bangalore Palace

7:00 PM

Return to Lalit Ashok


Join the following panel of illustrious speakers and experts, who will be talking at World Green Infrastructure Congress 2018.

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Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru, is one of fastest growing cities in the country, with the "Garden City" legacy from the past! WGIC 2018 will be hosted in one of the best luxury hotels of the city - Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru.

The Garden City, Bangalore

Garden to Granite, a City renowned for its green cover, and rapid urban growth, Bengaluru, forms a natural fit as the location for WGIC 2018!

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Experience Bengaluru

Scenic Gardens, Lakes, Galleries, Event Spaces, Breweries, Roasteries, Libraries, Museums, Shopping Districts and more! Bengaluru with its eclectic residents is an interesting city to spend time in. Take some time and explore the IT Capital of India. Find out more about what to do, where to stay, and facilities in the city

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